1903 – 1978




Antonio Calderara was an enigmatic character, difficult to pigeonhole into an artistic well defined: in the course of his life, in fact, he came into contact with many Italian and foreign artists, drawing inspiration from them, but at the same time maintaining independence and freedom of expression.
Autodidact, Calderara formed his expressive language in the context of Milan, from a first figurative period, influenced by the currents of the first group twentieth century, then by the discovery of Piero della Francesca and Seraut, but also of Morandi, Guidi and Donghi, one abstract in line with the research of great European masters, as Albers, Mondrian, Mavigner and Max Bill. His work, or rather, his entire life, spent in an isolation almost ascetic on the shores of Lake Orta , revolves around the attempt to “understand what it was the painting”, to grasp the essence of the latest and all its production is united by this tension and the role they have in it light and color.