Franco Grignani Italian, 1908-1999

After a period of Futurism-influenced training, from the 1950s Franco Grignani focused on the theme of visual perception, anticipating optical art research by nearly a decade and working in parallel with artists such as Victor Vasarely. In the first works of that decade, Grignani experimented with a new technique using industrial textured glass to achieve an effect of vibration, or photo emulsion transfers onto canvas.


From the end of the 1950 onwards, he used more traditional techniques, although his research on visual perception shows exemplary consistency and rigour. His work is contemporary with, if not preceding that of other optical art protagonists such as Bridget Riley, Francois Morellet, Walter Le Blanc, Jesus Raphael Soto, and Carlos Creuz-Diez, with whom he shared a scientific approach to artistic creation based on the principles of Gestalt psychology.