From Word to Sign

Accardi Basquiat Boetti Capogrossi Kounellis Novelli Perilli Twombly

ML Fine Art - Matteo Lampertico invites you to discover our online exhibition, curated by Maria Albani, focused on the relationship between painting and writing, showcasing selected works by Carla Accardi, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Alighiero Boetti, Giuseppe Capogrossi, Jannis Kounellis, Gastone Novelli, Achille Perilli, Cy Twombly.


The written word has always inspired great fascination for artists, who experimented with its creative possibilities as far back as the historical avant-gardes.

Written, drawn, repeated, erased, as casual exercise or foundational element, thesis or method, the word has been used incessantly up until the present day to provoke emotions or manifest experiences, and to spread messages of social and political activism.