Conversations On Accardi: Episode 1

Flavia Frigeri in Conversation with Pietro Pantalani
May 3, 2020

On May 3, 2020, Pietro Pantalani, coordinator of the exhibition "Carla Accardi: Sicofoil," was joined by Flavia Frigeri on Instagram Live for a conversation on the artist and her context. This is the first episode of our online programme "Conversations on Accardi," also featuring guest speakers Hans Ulrich Obrist and Laura Cherubini.



Flavia Frigeri is a London-based art historian and curator and a Teaching Fellow at the University College in London. Her main research interests are American and European post-war art, with a special emphasis on Italian Art and Design. 

Pietro and Flavia discussed Accardi's important contributions to post-war art by analysing her paintings, three-dimensional works and extraordinary environments. Departing from the essay "Carla Accardi's Plastic Dreams," Flavia's contribution to our exhibition catalogue, the conversation addressed Accardi's Feminist activism in the '60s and '70s, her relationship to other artists of her generation and the evolving reception of her groundbreaking practices in academia and institutions.


The catalogue of the exhibition "Carla Accardi: Sicofoil" is available on our website and on Issuu.